Adolescent Well-Being Study

Research Study

Organization: University of Massachusetts Amherst


Contact: Ashley Woodman, Ph.D.


We are seeking adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) age 13-22 and their parents to participate in a study on adolescent well-being.

Who can participate?
Adolescents with a diagnosis of ASD age 13-22 and their parents/caregivers are invited to participate. Adolescents must be living with their parents/caregivers full-time (although custody can be split among one or more caregivers). Parents and adolescents must not have any chronic health condition that prevents physical activity.

What’s involved?
Parents will complete a booklet of questionnaires about their adolescent with ASD. Parents and adolescents will wear a watch that tracks their sleep quality and physical activity for seven consecutive days. On each of these days, parents and adolescents will complete a short survey about their activities and feelings that day.

Each family will receive up to $50. Adolescents will receive an additional gift care or thank you gift worth $10.

For questions or information on how to participate, contact Ashley Woodman, Ph.D. (413-545-0292 or or visit