Who We Serve

AANE’s Inclusive Mission

Our mission is to work with individuals, families, and professionals to help people with Asperger profiles build meaningful, connected lives in an atmosphere of validation and respect. Additionally, the organization is committed to welcoming all individuals, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or gender identification.

Diagnosis Not Required

AANE has adopted the term Asperger profile to describe a range of neurological differences characteristic of over one percent of people in the United States and world wide. Some people who come to us have received diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Social Communication Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), or Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD). That said, AANE does not require that a child, teen, or adult receive any formal diagnosis in order to attend our educational events or explore our services.

Focus on Individuality

Although people with Asperger profiles may share a common cluster of traits, each person is unique, and his or her life course is highly variable. Each person's traits vary in number and intensity, and their expression may vary at different developmental stages or in different environments. Like multi-colored yarns woven together into tapestries, the unlimited possibilities for trait combinations produce a wide variety of unique outcomes. We feel that is important to keep in mind that diagnostic designations are simplified tools used to describe differences that are complex, fluid, textured, and difficult to pin down. For a list of terms related to the Asperger profile, refer to our Glossary.

The Benefits of Understanding the Asperger Profile

“If there is such a vast range of diversity among individuals, why bother using any label at all?” While we acknowledge that every person is unique, we also have seen that people who share some, or all, of the neurodiverse qualities included the Asperger profile can greatly benefit from understanding and support while navigating a predominantly neurotypical world. If you or a family member identify in some ways with the Asperger experience, know that we can provide you with resources to better manage your challenges and further cultivate your strengths.

Services for Those with Asperger Profiles and Their Family Members

We offer a range of programs and services for :

  • Parents of children with an Asperger profile
  • Parents of teens with an Asperger profile (some programs include teens)
  • Adults with an Asperger profile
  • Parents of adults with an Asperger profile
  • Teachers and other professionals working with individuals with an Asperger profile.
  • Grandparents and relatives of children and adults with an Asperger profile
  • Partners of individuals with an Asperger profile
  • Co-parents who have an ex-partner with an Asperger profile
  • Couples (one or both partners with an Asperger profile)
  • Spanish speaking parents who have a child (of any age) with an Asperger profile. Para leer esta página en español clic aquí.

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