AANE Board of Directors

AANE is governed by a diverse group of board and committee members. Adults with an Asperger profile and family members of individuals with Asperger profiles serve side by side with professionals on the Board of Directors and the various committees.

Board of Directors Nomination Form

Board Members (Fiscal Year 2019)

Dian Bohannon - Interim Chair of the Board
Karen Lean - Vice Chair
David Morrissette - Treasurer
Julie Tedesco - Secretary

Ken Dandurand
Susan Erickson
Asheesh Gupta
Jeanne Hoerter
Linda Holiner
Peggy Kriss
Enrique Levin
Barbara Lund
Adam Markell
Mark Marroni
Dan McFadden
Donald Michaels
Lynne Mitchell
Alyson Muzila
Andrew C. Novis
Anastasia O'Melveny
Daniel Rosenn, MD
R. Newcomb Stillwell
Stefan Thielen

Past Presidents

Carla Brigham

Jayne Burke

Dave Harmon

Hank Miller

Jennifer Nash

Nancy Schwartz, MSW

Stephen Shore

Shannah Varon

Kevin Whalen (1939-2013)

AANE Executive Advisory Board

Executive Advisors are appointed by the Executive Director to advise the Executive Director and Board of Directors on a range of clinical and organizational issues. Executive Advisors are appointed for a one-year term and may be re-appointed annually.

Want to nominate yourself or someone else to the Executive Advisory Board? Please call Dania at (617) 393-3824 x13.

Executive Advisor Nomination Form

Executive Advisors (Fiscal Year 2019)

Neil Blicher
Michael Glenn
Terry Henderson
David Kenny
Peggy Kriss
Barbara Rosenn
Ken Shulman
Carol Singer
Nancy Sonnabend


Professional Advisory Board

Professional Advisors are appointed by the Executive Director and offer their expertise to enrich our resources and programming and provide consultation on a range of clinical and organizational issues.

Professional Advisors

Diane Adreon Ed.D
May-Lynn Andresen DNP
Tony Attwood PhD
Katherine Cody PsyD
Elizabeth Cohn PhD, RN
Michelle Dunn PhD
Dena Gassner MSW, PhD candidate
Valerie Gaus PhD
Lynda Geller PhD
Peter Gerhardt EdD
Temple Grandin PhD
Faith Kappenberg PhD, RN
Ami Klin PhD
Matthew Lerner PhD
Brenda Smith Myles PhD
Stephen Shore EdD
Liane Holliday Willey EdD  

AANE Committees

Want to serve on one of AANE’s committees? We welcome the participation of members of our community. If interested, please contact Dania Jekel 617 393-3824 x13 .

Standing Committees

Development Committee
Finance Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Governance Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

Clinical Advisory Committee
Conference Committee
Gala Committee
Transition Roundtable