Free Programming

AANE recognizes the COVID-19 pandemic has made significant changes to the social environment and financial situation for many in our community, which is why we have prioritized creating ways for you to connect easily and safely with no financial burden.

Free Community Connection Sessions

Whether you are a family dealing with an uncertain school year or an adult who may be experiencing increased anxiety and isolation, our staff is here to help. Our Free Online Community Connection Sessions are single-session discussion groups and a great way to meet our staff and connect with the community for the first time.  All times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone. Please click the date for more info and to register.

For more sustained support opportunities, please see our support group options below.

Adult Community Connection Sessions


Parent of Adults Community Connection Sessions

Parents of Children & Teens Community Connection Session

Free Informational Workshops & Events

The following is a list of all upcoming free Online Workshops and Events for parents and adults.

Free Support Groups

All Online Open Support Groups have new people joining from session to session and are FREE.  The groups are facilitated by AANE staff, consultants, or volunteers who themselves are on the autism spectrum, have family members on the spectrum, or have worked extensively with the Asperger/autism community.

Support Groups for Adults 

Support Groups for Teens

Support Groups for Parents and Families of Adults (23+)

Support Groups for Parents and Families of Children, Teens, and Young Adults (through Age 22)

Free Discussion Forums

Social Activities and Events for Adults

Please view our complete list of Online Social Activities and Events for adults. Many are free, and financial aid is available for any event requiring a fee. Please contact for more information.

Social Activities and Events for Adults

AANE Events

To see all of the events AANE has to offer, check out the event calendar regularly for updates, or email us at if you would like information about a particular activity or event.

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Additional Ways AANE Can Help