AANE’s Online Training for Therapists Gives Hope to Neurodiverse Couples


Grace Myhill l Autism Spectrum News l January 1, 2020 l winter 2020 issue



In 2018, AANE launched our NEUROLOGY MATTERS IN COUPLES THERAPY online training. Since then, 27 therapists have completed both TRAINING 101: Fundamentals of Working with Neurodiverse Couples in Therapy, and CERTIFICATION 201: Case Presentations and Advanced Topics in Neurodiverse Couples Therapy. In this article, we share how one couple’s relationship turned around once their AANE-trained therapist started seeing and treating them through the lens of neurodiversity.

Prior to taking the AANE training, Nicole did not know that her clients Richard and Tina were a neurodiverse couple–and neither did they.

Myhill/Jekel Model for working with neurodiverse couples in therapy

Nicole: “Richard, a retired electrical engineer, and Tina, a retired second grade teacher, presented with typical couples issues. They felt so unable to understand each other that it was as if they spoke two different languages. They had no emotional or physical intimacy. Trying to navigate the demands of daily life together led to conflict and resentment. None of the therapists they saw previously helped them resolve their issues.


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