AANE September 2021 Newsletter: Executive Functioning

 AANE September 2021 Newsletter:
 Executive Functioning
Beyond the "To Do" List
AANE community members and professionals working with the autistic community share their insight on executive functioning and offer approaches to work through related challenges. Looking for upcoming events? Buttons in sections below link to listings for each group in our community. For weekly event emails, sign up here!
Fall Fundraising Challenge
Support AANE by biking, playing D&D, hiking, folding origami...it’s up to you! Learn more and register.
AANE Calendar
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 Not Perfect, but Good Enough
Understanding executive functioning issues for autistic individuals can be complex, especially if the person is prone to perfectionism and anxiety. Executive Director Dania Jekel discusses the influence these factors may have and why getting to the root cause of executive functioning problems is important.
As Dr. Daniel Rosenn retires, Dania Jekel reflects on the tremendous contribution he has made to AANE and the Asperger/autism community over the past 26 years.
Check out these helpful AANE resources!
ANNE's Fall 2021 Virtual Daniel W. Rosenn Connections Conference
October 22 + 23, 2021
AANE’s annual fall conference presents relevant, cutting-edge information to individuals with Asperger/autism profiles, their family & friends, and the professionals who work with the autism community. This two-day online event will include two keynote presentations, nine breakout sessions, and topic-based virtual discussion groups, providing the entire community opportunities to work together, learn, and connect. Find out about speaker topics, continuing education credits, and more!
Adults with Asperger/Autism Profiles
Executive Functioning in Real Life
It can take time to find the right strategy to assist with executive functioning challenges. Neurodiverse individuals and LifeMAP coaches share a few practical tips and techniques they use to help.
Coming Up...
Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for adults, including a webinar on Coping with Anxiety in an Uncertain World, a Team Trivia Night, and much more.
Here are some helpful links for adults in our community:
Parents & Families of Individuals on the Spectrum
Challenges in Executive Functioning and How They Impact School-Aged Children
As the new school year begins, many students on the spectrum begin to have executive functioning issues. Dr. Jaime Black takes a look at common school-related executive functioning difficulties and what parents can do to help.
Coming Up...
Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including new "closed" support groups beginning now through October, a webinar on Medication Management for Children/Teens/Adults with Asperger’s/Autism, and much more.
Don't miss these services AANE provides for parents and families:
Professionals Working with the Asperger/Autism Community
Executive Functioning Explained
What is executive functioning? Dr. Brian Willoughby breaks down the components and describes the intersection of neurological differences and executive functioning. Also, check out Dr. Willoughby's 2019 webinar, Understanding Executive Functioning in Adults with ASD.
Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs
Individualized life coaching program for older teens & adults with Asperger/autism profiles.
LifeMAP coaches help clients gain a deeper self-awareness to understand their executive functioning challenges more clearly. With coach support, clients can then choose strategies that will work best for them. Learn more.
Independent living support program for adults with Asperger/autism profiles.
AANE's LifeNet program is now seeking applicants for the first LifeNet groups in the New York Metro Area! Register today for one of the free LifeNet Info Sessions on September 20 or September 29!
 The Peter M. Friedman
Neurodiverse Couples Institute
Resources for couples
Autistic and neurotypical partners! AANE is creating a new online course for therapists on physical and emotional intimacy in neurodiverse relationships. Do you have a story to share? Learn more.
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