AANE January 2023 Newsletter: Autism & Aging

AANE January 2023 Newsletter: Autism & Aging

For too long, research and services were mainly focused on autistic children and teens, which left older autistic individuals without the same level of societal awareness and support. This month, older autistic adults and the professionals who work with them discuss their experiences and the power of self-understanding in later years.

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Discovering Autism and Community

Later in Life

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Most older autistic adults have spent the majority of their lives feeling they were different from others, but not understanding why. Executive Director Brenda Dater discusses the way learning about autism has given them a new perspective and has helped many find community.
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AANE's 2023 Virtual Jody Acford Conference: Navigating the Public Support Roadmap for Autistic Adults -- March 25 + 26, 2023
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AANE's renowned Jody Acford Conference includes comprehensive content on the public benefits, services, and supports available to autistic adults. This conference will provide information for a national audience as well as specific information for Massachusetts and New York. Registration opens mid January.
Before the conference, don't miss the essential, free webinar live on January 17: 2023 Update on How to Find Public Benefit Programs to Support Autistic Adults in Any State. Register today!
Autistic Adults

The Turning Point

Many older adults only discover they are autistic after years of pushing themselves and becoming overwhelmed. Read one woman's journey of self-discovery after experiencing personal tragedy and facing tremendous challenges.


Coming Up...

Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for adults, including the workshop, Asperger’s/Autism 101 for Adults, the webinar, The Lost Generation of Older Autistic Adultsand much more.

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Parents & Families of Autistic Individuals
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It's a Family Matter

When one person discovers they are autistic, they often realize others in the family are also autistic. Read how this new perspective can impact everyone, including older family members.


Coming Up...

Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including the webinar, Virtual Book Talk with Essmaa Litam, author of "Speechless," the workshop, Autism and the IEP for Parents of Children/Teens/Young Adults, and much more.

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Professionals Working with the Autism Community
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Five Principles for Supporting Aging Autistic Adults

For those who work with or assist older autistic adults, here are important points to consider from an AANE LifeNet clinical case manager/personal advocate.

Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs


Individualized life coaching program for autistic older teens & adults

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LifeMAP coaches can help autistic adults in all stages of life find ways to maximize their quality of life, including making new friends, finding resources, and pursuing passions.  Learn more about LifeMAP.


Team-based support to help autistic adults optimize independence

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The LifeNet team supports autistic adults throughout the lifespan, centering their priorities and interests and honoring their right and role as their own decision-makers and self-advocates. Learn more about LifeNet.

Neurodiverse Couples Institute

Resources for couples and couples therapists/coaches
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AANE certified therapists or coaches can help neurodiverse couples successfully navigate life changes, communicating their needs better and setting goals that work for each partner. Learn about AANE courses for therapists.

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