AANE February 2021 Newsletter: Understanding

AANE February 2021 Newsletter: Understanding
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AANE's Uncommon Virtual Gala
February 23, 2021
The Uncommon Gala moves online for an interactive, live stream game night featuring friendly competition, home-delivered treats, and fabulous prizes. Join us for AANE's largest fundraising event of the year, and help sustain AANE's vital programs and services.
Adults with Asperger/Autism Profiles
AANE Looks Back: Aging with Aspergers
As AANE celebrates its 25th year, we are highlighting key moments and contributions. In 2017, AANE held the conference Aging with Aspergers, which explored the unique issues those on the spectrum face as they age. Community member Mark Goodman shared his moving story of growing up in a different time and being diagnosed at age 70.
Coming Up...
Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for adults, including social/game nights, Dungeons & Dragons Interest Series, free music lessons, and much more.
Here are some helpful links for adults in our community:
Parents & Families of Individuals on the Spectrum
Using Family Schedules on the Weekends
Are you facing disagreements on the weekends because you and your child on the spectrum have different ideas about how time should be spent? Check out some tips to improve understanding and add peace to your Saturdays and Sundays.
Coming Up...
Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including the Perspectives on College Life panel of students and graduates, free Asperger/Autism 101 Workshop for Parents and Guardians, and much more.
Don't miss these services AANE provides for parents and families:
Professionals Working with the Asperger/Autism Community
Understanding Neurodiversity in a Relationship
Neurodiverse relationships can have unique challenges, and couples therapists with only traditional training may not be fully prepared to help effectively. Read or listen to an enlightening interview with AANE's Grace Myhill as she shares key points on neurodiverse couples therapy.
Coach to Coach: Five Tips for Helping Clients During COVID
Many professionals working with individuals on the autism spectrum have had to address new issues and find alternative strategies. LifeMAP Coaches share five points to help clients during this difficult time.
Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs
Individualized life coaching program for older teens & adults with Asperger/autism profiles.
LifeMAP coaches can assist with a wide variety of life goals, including improving social connections. Learn more about LifeMAP.
Independent living support program for adults with Asperger/autism profiles.
Did you know the LifeNet team includes occupational therapists who help each adult participate in activities meaningful to their adult life? Learn more.
The Peter M. Friedman
Neurodiverse Couples Institute
Resources for couples.
AANE offers self-paced, online courses for neurodiverse partners and in-depth training for couples therapists.
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