A Road to Success

Cynthia DeFerrari
Blog Post

Julia began her journey with AANE’s LifeMAP program as she entered Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. As a recent cum laude graduate finishing with a major in English, Julia’s current interest in the job market is closely tied to her major, with an emphasis in copyediting.

Julia’s LifeMAP Coach has helped her obtain part-time employment by incorporating job-seeking strategies into Julia’s coaching program, such as learning how to interview effectively. “My coach has worked in assisting me by providing guidance in seeking jobs and entering the workplace,” Julia said. “My coach first helped me to connect with organizations to promote my background to potential employers. We then worked on more long term and remote job opportunities.”

For many individuals with Asperger/autism profiles, transitioning from the academic community to the working environment can present unique challenges. AANE’s LifeMAP’s distinctive approach with highly individualized, one-on-one coaching and resources, provides clients such as Julia with understanding and support, while working to help them cultivate their strengths and more effectively manage their lives. “Overall, coaching has been a great source of socializing,” Julia said. “Coaching has helped to make me more comfortable and prepare me for the adult world.”

In spite of the growing number of individuals diagnosed with autism, there is a serious lack of services offered to help adults learn to live independently. Preparation is a critical component for young adults who will transition successfully into the working world. With AANE’s LifeMAP coaching programs, coaches are matched to clients who can best help them with their unique needs.

While Julia is presently looking at remote employment possibilities and eventually seeking more long term work, she and her LifeMAP coach continue to work together to reach her goals.

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