A better equipped program is needed for young adults within colleges

Research Study

My name is Gabriella Weiss and I’m currently in 11th grade at Half Hollow Hills High School East taking a class called AP Research… We had to pick a topic we have an interest in which we are researching for the entire year. My research is solely based on why there is an inadequate amount of programs implemented within colleges to allow young adults with mild autism to further their education in and out of the work field and how an improved program can combat this present issue. The purpose of this study is to explain why there are a lack of programs for young adults with mild functioning autism in colleges and what type of program can be implemented to meet the individual needs of each young adult. Over the past few years, autism has increased tremendously yet hasn’t been as relevant as it should be. When administration and the government more fully understand the lack of programs and employment for young adults after high school, they might develop specific and appropriate responses that offer more than generic disciplinary measures and deterrents. In order to conduct my own research I will be using a survey to get statistics and qualitative data. As my survey plays an important role in my research paper and presentation, a large sample size is needed. As a big organization I’m sure you have a lot of people involved. It would be so helpful if you’d be willing to send out my survey to as many people as you can. I can of course send you my survey to be sent out which is the goal of the study. I’m on a little bit of a time crunch so please get back to me whenever you can.

email : gwdancedance@gmail.com
phone number: 917-790-3621

Thank you again -Gabriella Weiss

Published on: Jan 30, 2020 at 09:28