2019 AANE Spring Conference

Intimacy, Dating, and Sexuality - First Person Accounts / Saturday, March 30th

Embrace by Brian Rusconi - charcoal and chalk on paper

Adults on the spectrum may have difficulty fulfilling the social, executive functioning, sensory, and perspective taking tasks often needed to establish and maintain friendships and relationships. This conference will explore the issues of intimacy, sex, and dating and offer strategies for establishing and maintaining relationships for those with autism spectrum profiles.

This is a full day conference for adults with Asperger Syndrome (AS) or related profiles and family members of adults and older teens with AS/related profiles.

Please contact events@aane.org for access to the recorded videos & first person stories.

First Person Accounts

"If someone wanted to create the most challenging social interaction for someone who is autistic, I can’t think of a worse one than dating” - Thomas Gisler

"... I mustered the courage to do a bit of dating, often at school dances. How convenient: a setting where conversation wasn’t really necessary (or even possible) over a thumping disco beat. You don’t even need to make eye contact. " - Eric Endlich

"I dread talking about feelings because so often I have no idea how I feel. If you ask me, my answer will only be a guess. Not only do other people seem to know what they’re feeling, they’re often pretty sure how I’m feeling when I myself don’t have a clue." - Eric Endlich

"I experienced infatuation very infrequently, but when I did it was extremely intense. ...I spent years wondering why my attractions were so infrequent and yet so intense—and why sex itself was barely in my consciousness." - Julie Esris

"...but if there is one thing I can convey to people on the spectrum who wonder if sex, romance and companionship is even in their genetic complexion, it is the following: People who are completely normal, completely suck at dating too. They just suck for different reasons." - Anonymous

Please contact events@aane.org for access to the recorded videos & first person stories.