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AANE maintains this listing of current research for the community's information and possible participation. Researchers are invited to submit their studies.
Research studies will be removed from this page approximately two years after being posted, unless a different timeframe is specified. Researchers are strongly advised to contact us with new information about their studies periodically. To submit a new study or to make updates to a previously submitted study, use the link below.

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The Chemistry Between ASD Individuals and Horses: Using First Person Perspectives of Hippotherapy Experience

This research explores first person accounts of individuals with ASD, who describes their experience with hippotherapy (equine therapy). Specifically, interviews will be used to understand why ASD individuals are often fond of horses. The findings that result from this project will have two implications: 1) it will provide a detailed description... more

Social Behaviours in Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions

This is an online study looking at autistic adults' social behaviours and links with wellbeing. If you are aged 18 or over and have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition, you are eligible to take part. The survey will take around 30 minutes to complete and can be paused and resumed whenever suits you for up to one month after you... more

Participant Database for Persons Interested in Research Studies of Developmental Disorders

Help Us Explore How the Brain Works!Healthy Children/Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Ages 6 to 17 Needed for Research Studies at Massachusetts General HospitalWhat we study:The brain: how it works and how it develops How the brain and body affect each other Why some children have developmental disorders, such as... more

Cognitive Function, Social Preferences, & Risk Taking among College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger Syndrome

Website: us find out whether ways that young adult men with Autism or Asperger’s regulate their attention and thinking, types of interests they have, and ways they respond in social situations are related to risk taking behavior. Participants must be:Male college students 18 and... more

Research Study on Employment of Adults with Autism

Boston University’s Families and Autism Research Lab is looking for employers who have experience managing/supervising individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study focuses on employers’ views about their employee(s) with ASD. The survey should take less than 30 minutes to fill out. If you are currently supervising an employee... more

Using Robotics and Engineering to Positively Affect Social and Emotional Development in Children with Autism

Who: Children ages 7-12 who have been diagnosed with ASD and are high functioning.What: Three 60-minute sessions in which two participants will be given an engineering challenge to design for a robotic pet dinosaur. They will use LEGOs and a variety of craft materials to build to solutions for the robot.When: Wednesdays March 15th, 22nd,... more

Client-Centered Design in Makerspaces to Positively Affect Social, Emotional, and Job-Related Skills in Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism

We are a research team from the Education and Engineering Departments at Tufts University’s who are interested in examining how involvement in client-centered projects completed in Makerspaces helps adolescents with autism spectrum disorder create a context where social and job-related skills are required. Several previous studies conducted by... more

Parents’ Perceptions of the ASD Assessment Process

The study includes 30-minute phone interviews with parents of children who were referred for autism assessment. The goal of the study is to understand parents’ perceptions of the autism assessment process in order to make improvements to the process in the future. All interviews are confidential.Please contact UCLA PhD student Kashia Axthelm... more

Women with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Social-Pragmatic Communication

Hello, my name is Lacey Ryder and I am an undergraduate student studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of New Hampshire. For my thesis I am researching the experiences of women with autism. Current research shows that girls are diagnosed with autism significantly later and less than boys, and a large portion of autism... more

A Revolutionary Process for Adults with Aspergers

Please join us for this FREE 6 week process group for adults with Aspergers’ Syndrome.We will use Core Energetics’ techniques to help connect with the self and with others in an aligned way, while strengthening self awareness, and body consciousness. Using movement, breath work and interactive therapy we will explore the energetic blocks... more

Pursuing Happiness: An Investigation of Positive Mental Health in Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

According to Schalock’s (2004) Emerging Disability Paradigm, researchers have an obligation to study positive traits of individuals with disabilities, including strengths, contributors to life satisfaction, and interventions to improve quality of life. The purpose of the present study is to examine personal strengths and life satisfaction in... more

GAMES Project

Do you know a 7-11 year old with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder?Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital are seeking children with autism spectrum disorder to help test a new executive function intervention. Executive function skills allow children to manage complex or conflicting information while solving problems. Participation... more

Visual Perception in Autism

We invite you to participate in our research project investigating visual perception in people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Our research is looking at how our brain filters visual information in the world, and how attention changes what we see. We hope our findings will provide a better understanding about the differences in vision and... more

Autism Study at the FACE Lab at Emerson College

What is the FACE Lab? We are the Facial Affective and Communicative Expressions (FACE) Lab for Autism Research at Emerson College in Boston, MA. The FACE Lab studies how children with and without autism use their faces, voices, and words to communicate with others, with the hope of eventually improving diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes in this... more

Experience of Parenting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Hello, my name is Rebecca Glover and I am a graduate student at Washington State University in the psychology department. I am conducting research on the experiences of parenting a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for my master’s thesis. I am inviting caregivers (e.g., biological parent, stepparent, adoptive parent) of one child with... more

Research study for Autistic children aged 3 to 6 years

Website: are conducting a two-visit research study at the Child Language Lab at Boston University about Autistic Children's linguistic development.During the first visit, we are interested in learning how children on the spectrum understand pronouns like “me” and “you”. Your child would play an... more

Experiences of College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The number of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in post-secondary academic settings is increasing. Meanwhile, even though most of these students are well-equipped intellectually for post-secondary education, studies suggest they often struggle with academic achievement, express decreased satisfaction with their post-secondary... more

Urban Space and Autism

Urban space is defined as the spaces between buildings, such as streets, parks and public square.This Study is looking into how architects and urban designers can make urban space in towns and cities more inclusive of neurodiversity, in particular people with autism.If there is anyone (over 18) with autism who would be happy to share their... more

Wandering in children ages 4 and above

Wandering by children with ASD and other developmental disorders is a significant safety concern. It is estimated that more than 250,000 children with disabilities wander away from adult supervision each year. Few researchers have looked at this major issue, and there has been little focus on prevention measures and the impact that wandering... more

Joint Media Engagement among Autistic Children and Families

Are you the parent/guardian of a child age 3-8 on the autism spectrum in the Boston area?Researchers at Northeastern University want to understand how your child uses media and technology with their family members, whether it’s a little or a lot. The information from this study could help parents/guardians and clinicians understand... more

enTRAIN parent-child study: Boston

Website: opportunity for you and your child to be involved in a fun, play-based study using a new toy developed by researchers at MIT along with cutting-edge wearable technology that can measure heart beats and stress levels.We’re looking for parents and their children who have a diagnosis of an... more


Website: you are a parent or primary caregiver to a child between the ages of 2-8 years with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or who is typically developing, please participate in an online survey study. Your participation is needed to assist in developing the first eating screening... more

A Study in Perceived Object Functionality

Clemson University’s Autism Research Laboratory, run by Dr. Jennifer Bisson, is investigating socially acceptable object use, focusing on how individuals of various backgrounds differ in their ability to perceive object affordances. Their online survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and the only qualifications for participation... more

Overhearing in ASD

Can children with autism learn new words through eavesdropping?Researchers at Emerson College and Boston University are conducting a study looking at how overhearing others' conversation supports language development. The goal of this study is to explore this question in children with autism spectrum disorder.This study involves one visit... more

Exploring Perceptions of Weather Information and Risk Understanding in Autistic Populations

This study seeks to examine what autistics/people with autism know about weather. The results of this study will potentially guide meteorologists at the U.S. National Weather Service, and elsewhere across the country, in better communicating life-saving weather information to autistics/people with autism during severe weather events, and in... more

Perceptions of Bullying Behavior

Researchers at Binghamton University are looking for parents of children with or without Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as educators and other service providers for individuals with special needs to take an online survey about bullying in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. This study has been approved by the Institutional... more

The Autism Sibling Study

Website: UMass Lowell Autism Sibling Study seeks sibling pairs to participate in a study examining whether aspects of the sibling relationship are related to symptoms of autism, especially Theory of Mind development.We are looking for sibling pairs that consist of:A... more

Family and SLP perspectives on family-centered care for children with ASD: Are we seeing eye-to-eye?

Website: at Penn State University are conducting an online study to obtain parents' perspectives on the speech-language services that their child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) receives. Specifically, an online survey will be used to measure the degree to which parents of... more

Testing a novel speech intervention in minimally verbal children with ASD

The study compares two treatments to facilitate speech output in minimally verbal children with ASD aged 6-11. Eligible participants will complete baseline testing at Boston University, be randomly assigned to 25 daily sessions of either music-based or speech-based therapy at BIDMC, and be post-tested again at Boston University.Website:... more

Childhood Experiences with Multilingualism

In this study, we are interested in looking at the experiences of preschool children who regularly hear at least two languages. We will be looking at both children who are typically developing and children who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).We are interested in recruiting bilingual children between the ages of 1.5 and 6... more

Theory of Mind in Older Children and Teens with ASD

Website: Email: kidlab@g.harvard.eduHarvard University Lab for Developmental Studies is seeking children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) for a study of cognitive development.Who can participate?Children 5 to 17 years old, whose first language is English. Our lab has other studies,... more

Exploring the Mental Health Landscape of Partners of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

My name is Laura Lewis and I am a nurse researcher at the University of Vermont. On a personal note, I am also the family member of an adult with ASD. I am looking for individuals who might be willing to participate in a research study about the mental health of partners of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The study is titled,... more

Transition to Postsecondary Education for Students with HF-ASD

Website: you, or is someone you know, the parent of a child who meets ALL of the following criteria?Has a diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder (HF-ASD), Asperger's syndrome, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-NOS Plans to attend a post-secondary education setting such as a... more

Cultural Barriers Impacting Service Delivery for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The purpose of this study is to find out about cultural barriers faced by Latino parents that have a child with autism. We will conduct an interview that will take approximately 45-60 minutes with questions about you and your family. You will receive a $35 gift card as for participating!Contact: Rocio Rosales; 978-934-4305 or... more

Participants Needed for Research Study on Emotions

We are currently inviting adults with autism spectrum disorders to participate in a study about emotions and social decision making in the brain. Participants will complete 1-2 hours of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanning and additional behavioral assessments outside the scanner. Participants receive $20/hour for behavioral... more

Brain Connectivity in Children Ages 7-17

The TRANSCEND Research Program at MGH is currently recruiting children with an autism spectrum disorder ages 7-17 to participate in our studies. We use MRI and MEG scans to study brain connectivity and sensory processing in children with autism spectrum disorders. Our current study consists of 2-4 visits to our building in the Charlestown Navy... more

iPad-assisted Speech Training for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The purpose of this federally funded study is twofold:To assess the effectiveness of an iPad/computerized based approach to language prosody training in individuals with Autism and Assess transfer of training of iPad/computerized language training to "real world" social situations.The current study focuses on use of an iPad-assisted... more

Sensory Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder Families

We're looking for parents to complete our online questionnaire about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) traits. The only requirement: biological parent of a child over 4 years old. Upon completion, participants are entered in a lottery for two $50 gift cards.Website:... more

SPARK for Autism, All Ages

Boston Children’s Hospital invites parents with a child with autism and individuals diagnosed with autism to join our SPARK study sponsored by the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative! SPARK’s mission is to speed up research and advance understanding of autism by building the nation’s largest autism study. Together we can improve... more

Online Support Group Experiences

This questionnaire intends to find out more about your behavior within online health and social support communities. Health communities include those that have been specifically set up to provide support (health and social support and information) around specific health concerns, conditions and illnesses (including physical and mental health... more

(Paid) Opportunity to Train Research Staff at Boston Children’s Hospital

Researchers in the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN) at Boston Children's Hospital are seeking volunteers with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to participate in a 1-2 hour training opportunity. The purpose of this opportunity is to train our staff on administering assessments used in our research studies. The training... more

Communication Skills in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Researchers in the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN) at Boston Children's Hospital are seeking volunteers with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to participate in a 1-2 hour training opportunity. The purpose of this opportunity is to train our staff on administering assessments used in our research studies. The training... more

The Influence That Parent Led Autism Support Groups have in Fostering Advocacy Among their Members

For the study, participants will fill out a demographics and screening questionnaire and participate in a brief interview. All participants of the study will remain anonymous. Information gathered from the questionnaires and interviews will remain confidential. The incentive to participate is a $25.00 Visa gift card.Contact:... more

Brain Plasticity TMS Study

Seeking Participants with a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for a research study.What is the study about? The main purpose of this study is to investigate brain plasticity in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Research suggests that during development the brains of individuals with ASD may change in response to their... more