Asperger Profile

A name that AANE is choosing to use to describe the constellation of characteristics that was formerly known as Asperger Syndrome (AS). AS no longer exists as a formal diagnosis defined by the medical and psychiatric community, which subsumed the diagnosis under the larger “Autism Spectrum Disorder” umbrella in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5). AANE has chosen the term Asperger profile to identify the challenges and recognize the gifts of those who previously could have fallen under the AS label. Many people with an Asperger profile can leverage their cognitive abilities and other talents to compensate for the challenges that they face. As an Asperger profile can profoundly impact people throughout their lives, many still can benefit from a variety of Asperger supports. Because of their atypical combination of significant strengths and challenges, people with an Asperger profile are often misunderstood, and their challenges either go unrecognized, or they are misdiagnosed.