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AANE continuously updates our event calendar so you can find the conferences, seminars, webinars and events that are of interest to you. Please Contact AANE if you have any questions about these events.

Advance registration with payment is required for some programs in order for your registration to be confirmed. Early registration is highly recommended for these programs due to limited seating. If online registration is closed, please call Frank Medlar at (617) 393-3824, ext. 10 to check if the program is still being held and if space is available. If you are in need of financial assistance to attend an event, please contact Frank Medlar at (617) 393-3824, ext. 10.

AANE reserves the right to cancel if the minimum enrollment is not met by the registration deadline. If you register for a workshop and are a no-show, there are no refunds or credits given to attend another workshop.

Can’t find an upcoming event that suits your needs?

Check out our library of online trainings and videos on YouTube.

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You may want to view Adult Programs and Services, Children and Teen Programs and Services or Professional Programs and Services.


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