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Children and Teens

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Nancy Norton Ed.D.
540 VFW Parkway, Suite 3

Dr Norton is passionate about using the assessment process to empower students to be equal partners in their learning and provide practical recommendations for parents and teachers. She is a licensed psychologist who earned her doctorate from Boston University and completed postdoctoral training in neuropsychological assessment in the assessment center at McLean Hospital. For over two decades Dr. Norton has provided neuropsychological and educational testing, individual and family therapy, clinical supervision and professional development in schools and mental health settings.
(617) 325-0301
West Roxbury, MA.
Nancy Roosa, Psy.D.
55 Chapel Street, Suite 202
(Email added by Myles Collins-Wooley)

Nancy Roosa, Psy.D. has been engaged in providing neuropsychological evaluations for children since 1997. She enjoys working with a range of children, particularly those with autism spectrum disorders, as well as children with attentional issues, executive function deficits, anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, or other social, emotional or behavioral problems.

Dr. Roosa’s evaluations are highly-individualized and comprehensive, integrating data obtained from a wide range of standardized assessment tools with information gained from history, input from parents, teachers and providers, and important observations gleaned from interacting with the child. Her approach to testing is playful and supportive.

Her evaluations are particularly useful for children with complex profiles and those whose presentations do not fit neatly into any one diagnostic box.


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Naomi J Steiner, MD
850 Harrison Ave
5th Floor
NESCA: Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents
55 Chapel Street, Suite 202
Diagnosis and Evaluation
Also available in New Hampshire (According to website)

Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents is a pediatric neuropsychology practice and integrative treatment center in Newton, Massachusetts, serving clients from preschool through young adulthood and their families. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Ann Helmus, the practice now includes a growing number of experienced neuropsychologists and other skilled practitioners. From the first, we’ve worked very hard to set new standards for strong evaluations conducted with genuine warmth in a “non-clinical,” low-stress environment, with the goal of creating enduring and productive relationships with the people we serve.

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617 658.9800
Neurocognitive Associates, P.C.
7330 N. 16th Street, Suite A120
Diagnosis and Evaluation

Neurocognitive Associates is a specialized practice, providing evaluation and treatment in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, psychoeducational evaluation, and forensic neuropsychology for children and adults. We evaluate patients with developmental delays, attentional disorders, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, learning disabilities, executive function deficits, traumatic brain injury, and neuropsychiatric disorders. We also evaluate and treat disorders affecting brain function, development, behavior and learning.

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(480) 699-6740
NeuroDevelopment Center
245 Waterman Street, Suite 200 Providence

Whether you are looking for help for the first time, or you have tried medication and/or counseling with little success, you have come to the right place. At the NeuroDevelopment Center, you can build a strong, supportive, and collaborative relationship with an experienced psychologist. With our wide range of tools for testing and assessment, we will help you understand your difficulties. Then we will work with you to implement the solutions that are right for you. We won’t just listen, nod our heads, and sympathize. We will help you with the hard work of change and growth. We hope you will learn more in these pages about our psychological services, and then decide to join us.

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401 351-7779
401 351-8188
Rhode Island
New England Neurodevelopment, LLC
56 Winthrop Street
Concord Clinical Building
David S. Stein, Psy.D.
Our mission at NEN is to provide direction to families. Evaluations at NEN are comprehensive and aim to definitively answer your questions. Our reports are clear and provide individualized, evidence-based recommendations to help each client reach his or her potential.

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617 449-3604 (Not verified)
Nora Shine, Ph.D.
22 Woburn St, Suite 34
781 245 0326
781 872 1009