A little background on my work.

by Lindsay

First, some quick background on what I do at work.  I work mainly in a lab.  It’s unofficially ‘my’ lab; I’m usually the only person using it and I’m in charge of maintaining equipment, ordering supplies, managing work that comes in etc.  As I mentioned before, I’m the only metallurgist in the company, so I pretty much do all of the metallurgy work that comes in. For the typical job I get in, I get in a couple of metal samples that I cut up and test and analyze, etc. The jobs usually about 10-20 hours each, over the course of 4-5 weeks. There is an intern for the summer who is working with me. I’ll call him ‘Bud’ (think The Cosby Show). The other guys in my department (I generally refer to them as ‘the guys’) do field work, going on site at customer locations, crawling around and getting dirty. Some of my jobs are things that they bring back, some the customers send in directly to me. My boss, ‘Bill’,  has been around a long time and so he knows a lot, but does not have a metallurgy background, so he doesn’t always know all the technical details.

I thought to start out, I’ll go through a couple of days, to see what sort of issues crop up.  Look for those posts soon.

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