Asperger’s Syndrome On Prime Time

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Everyone needs dessert, right?  After long days spent working hard to make our way in the world, sitting down in front of the TV is like indulging in a big piece of cheesecake.  It’s a chance to relax and release the tensions of life by watching the tension in an other’s.  Often this is the case because the viewers relate to the life and experiences of the characters on their favorite shows and today on the small screen more and more diverse characters are popping up. 

A recently announced addition to the line-up of quirky characters on ABC’s hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” will help bridge the gap with the AS population.  With Mary McDonnell planned to play a surgeon with AS everyone in our community will have one more TV character to connect with.  Hopefully McDonnell’s character will shine a light upon AS, increasing awareness of the disorder.

Now let’s just hope she does her job portraying such a nuanced, complicated character well.  Let us know what you think!

Check out “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursdays at 9pm ET on ABC (Check local listings) and follow the link below for more information.

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