One of our goals since AANE’s inception is to advocate for appropriate, quality services for people with AS and to lobby for funding at the local, state, and national level. We advocate for services across the lifespan, but have focused on support needs that are unfunded.

Much of our work has been in Massachusetts. We plan on expanding throughout New England in the near future. For more information on legislative initiatives outside MA, please contact your local chapter.

In order to broaden our impact in advocating for needed services, AANE joined with other groups serving individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families to found Advocates for Autism Massachusetts. To learn more about the group and its initiatives go to http://www.afamaction.org.


AANE has worked closely with Rep. Barbara L’Italien, Andover, to sponsor a bill that would establish a pilot program within the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to provide employment services for adults with AS and autism. “The program shall provide services which lead to paid, customized, sustainable employment. Services will include post-employment and reemployment support as needed...These supports may include but are not limited to: career assessment and counseling; job development; job placement; job coaching; employment training; on-the-job support; case management and funding to purchase adjunct supports and services.”

For the full text of the bill click here: H3838

A hearing on the bill was held by the Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities in Aug., 2007 and subsequently reported out favorably. The next step will be a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Once a date for the hearing is set, we will be asking for people to testify on its behalf and people to contact their legislators to urge passage. If you would like to participate please contact

Not sure who to contact?

If you live in the state of Massachusetts and wish to find out who your elected officials are, how to contact them, and where to vote, go to the following link:

Enter your home address, and click "Find My Election Information."