Getting Help for Children with Asperger Syndrome

Parenting children with AS can be challenging. Some children may not respond to the parenting skills that have worked so well with your other children. Even more confusing is that there is no single description of how AS children behave. This can frustrate and confuse parents with behaviors that are hard to understand, but know that they are not intentionally being demanding or manipulative. Parenting difficulties are not the fault of the parents but are the result of the child’s different view and understanding of the world. If you are seeking help, AANE can help you find a practitioner near you with the expertise you need. Our website also lists funding opportunities for families to pay for outside services for their child. No matter what age your child is, let AANE help you on your journey.

One of the challenges parents face is realizing when they need help and finding where to get it. AANE is here to help families get accurate and concise information quickly. AS is neurologically-based, and parents need to view their situation as a journey of finding the right help for their child for their current age and development. Often parents seek information and support when they are beginning to realize that their child is “different.” Or, some families may not have noticed any differences but are being told by a preschool teacher or other professional that they should investigate more information. Families start surfing the web and reading everything in the bookstore about children’s development. It can be overwhelming!

AANE staff is available to take your calls whenever you need to talk with someone informed and supportive. Brenda Dater and Erika Drezner are availible on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at x22 and x14 respectively. Stephanie Loo is available Monday through Friday at x17. AANE maintains an extensive database and can refer parents to all the services they may need. Parent support groups in person or online can give parents a group of peers who understand their lives.

Are you seeking a good evaluation? Here are some tips. We also offer many excellent workshops to help parents learn about AS and advocate for their school-aged child.

“The time you are investing will hopefully prevent other families from traveling the long and difficult road that we traveled with our son. We look forward to attending more of your workshops! Thank you!”
— Parent of a child with AS