Asperger Syndrome Interventions for Children

All individuals in the child’s life need to accept the diagnosis of AS and understand its impact. Interventions are driven by each child’s age and individual needs and will vary, however, listed below are commonly needed interventions for children in all environments:

  • Use kindness and humor for mistakes and enjoy the child’s strengths
  • Teach new concepts by using their special interests
  • Determine what a tolerable social and physical environment is for the child and provide it
  • Advocate for your child to have the school program that they need (More specific information may be accessed at Education)
  • Provide direct instruction for all areas of need, especially social behavior and communication skills
  • Use routines, minimize change and prepare for all types of transitions
  • Provide and teach the child to use visual organizational supports for all weak areas
  • Talk less, slower, calmer and in clear language that the child can understand
  • Teach emotional regulation with visual systems and feedback to the child and provide breaks from social situations as needed
  • Teach the child to know what they need and the language to ask for it
  • Use visuals to teach the child a problem-solving method for when they are stuck
  • Learn how and when to talk to others for help, both professionals and other parents or friends
  • Pull together a team of professional supports (therapist, psychopharmacologist, OT, S&L, sensory specialist or others) as needed

Implementing this list can be daunting and may seem overwhelming. Remember that the key is pacing yourself, prioritizing the most penalizing behaviors currently impacting your child and starting with them. Over time and with the right team, the initial concerns will become less and your attention can shift to other areas to capitalize on or to minimize. Parents must remember to nurture themselves and seek a balance between helping their AS child and remembering the needs of the rest of the family. Know that support from AANE is only a phone call away.