AANE’s Life Management Assistance Program (LifeMAP) provides practical assistance to individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and related conditions. LifeMAP provides intensive, highly individualized coaching by professionals with expertise in both AS and specific content areas. Coaches focus on identifying and overcoming the specific barriers each client faces so that the clients can increase their levels of independence towards reaching their full potential.

Coaches help their clients in diverse areas of life skills, employment skills and relationship skills. For example, they may work with clients to perform executive functioning (organizational/planning) tasks, access social opportunities, or acquire the necessary skills for employment. Every individual with AS has a unique profile, so one-to-one coaching is an effective way to meet their distinct needs. Our research has demonstrated that LifeMAP guidance through the most confounding aspects of daily life can ultimately decrease anxiety and increase independence and self-esteem.

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This is what our clients have to say…

“We truly feel that our son’s coach has saved his life and our sanity!! We will forever be grateful for AANE, the LifeMAP program, and our son's coach!”
— Parents of a LifeMAP Client

“The LifeMAP program and AANE have made a big improvement in my quality of life. Because of their assistance I have been able to navigate some very stressful situations and feel hopeful that I can cope in a healthy way.”
— LifeMAP Client

“I look forward to my sessions with my LifeMAP coach. With his guidance, I have been able to make better decisions, remain calm, and be more confident in challenging social situations and other stressful situations. Best of all, I have been able to use his advice and instruction during real-life experiences, when I am on my own. The LifeMAP program and AANE have made a big improvement in my quality of life.”
— LifeMAP Client

“LifeMAP and my coach have given me hope again and helping me become the independent woman I now know I can be.”
— LifeMAP Client

“You have created a miracle……”
— LifeMAP Client

Here are some of the many areas in which clients have engaged LifeMAP with measurable results:

Independent Living Skills

  • Creating systems to manage finances
  • Organizing appointments and calendar
  • Applying for benefits and health services

Community Skills

  • Communication
  • Making / meeting friends

College Support

  • Managing workload and assignments
  • Communicating with college personnel
  • Identifying campus supports
  • Maximizing social opportunities

Personal Growth

  • Identifying and building on personal strengths
  • Developing strategies to minimize challenges

Pre-Employment and Employment Skills

  • Identifying skills, interests and qualifications
  • Assisting with job search
  • Maintaining employment

How LifeMAP works

LifeMAP participants receive personalized coaching of a minimum of one hour per week.  During the coaching sessions, clients and coaches set concrete, obtainable goals to work on. Specific goals are narrowly defined with clear metrics for success. For example, a client may focus on organizing personal papers, cleaning his own apartment, connecting to new social groups, making phone calls / paying bills, etc. Coaching will take place wherever the goals dictate, at the AANE offices, the client’s home or in the community.

LifeMAP is a fee-for-service program. In certain situations, scholarships or sliding scales maybe available to those who qualify. Third-party payments by school systems, employers or adult agencies have been arranged. Duration of the program depends on the mutually agreed goals set by the client and the LifeMAP team. This program is not covered by insurance.

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LifeMAP for Adults

As a result of many challenges that confront adults with Asperger Syndrome on a daily basis, it is often difficult for them to reach their full potential. However, with the help of a coach who understands what the AS diagnosis means, our clients are able to be more organized, get things done, balance their everyday life better and, as a result, have a better quality of life. Significantly, our coaches help clients to understand how AS impacts their lives and how to manage in real life situations. Self awareness and self-advocacy are important skills that our clients learn to apply in a variety of settings and situations. The coach carefully monitors progress and prepares the client for future situations he/she may face and helps to be more prepared for them. This in turn reduces their stress levels as they learn to anticipate what is to be expected.

The coach also reviews many challenging social situations that our clients face at work/school or in social settings and they help the clients to understand these situations and respond appropriately, or to be an effective communicator/advocate, etc. Coaches also help their clients to generalize skills and to focus less on unimportant details and more on the big picture. Connectedness, expanding the client’s social network, developing their organizational skills in general and preparing them for future employment, or maintaining jobs are the most common goals that our clients work on.

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Individuals with AS often get stuck in their lives—especially once they exit the structured expectations and routines of high school and the ever-present support of parents at home. With social skills and executive functioning challenges, they often have trouble adjusting in college. College students with AS may become socially isolated, anxious, and depressed. They may also suffer academically, as the requirements for self direction and self advocacy are greatly increased. CollegeMAP focuses on managing workload and assignments, communicating with college personnel, identifying campus supports and resources, and maximizing social opportunities; thus creating a foundation for success in college and beyond.

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LifeMAP for Teens

Transition to college or work life is daunting for all high school graduates. Teens with the unique strengths and challenges of those with AS can benefit from individualized work with a LifeMAP Coach. Learning to work with, and request help from, adults outside the family is an essential survival skill for independence. As a result, we have developed LifeMAP for Teens (ages 16 to 18). Through this one-on-one coaching model, our objective is to reduce the stress of living as a teen with AS as we build skills to help navigate the transition to adulthood.

Coaches and clients, working in conjunction with parents, focus on identifying and overcoming specific hurdles unique to each teen-aged client. Helping clients create and implement sustainable systems for success, using individual strengths, interests and talents, will provide opportunities for personal growth and lay the foundation for a successful transition.

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Program Brochure (PDF)
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For more information on LifeMAP programs, please contact:
Nataliya Poto, LifeMAP Program Director, at (617) 393-3824, ext.19 or by email at