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LifeMAP provides personal, intensive, one-on-one support to post-high school adults with AS and related conditions who are struggling with day-to-day tasks. These tasks may include but are not limited to Home Skills, Community and Social Skills, Personal Growth, and Pre-Employment Skills.

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Interview Preparation & Rehearsal Employment Program

Even the most academically successful high school or college graduates with AS may struggle to obtain the job they desire. Interviewing and networking are particularly difficult because of challenges in pragmatics, theory of mind and social communication so common among people with AS. Responding to this need, AANE has designed a 10-session intensive Job Interview Training Program. The curriculum for the program includes, networking, phone interviews, appropriate dress, nonverbal communication and responding to questions. In addition, as part of the program, clients are paired with a LifeMAP coach. The client participates in a series of actual interviews with business professionals who provide structured feedback on the client’s performance, interspersed with coaching to review feedback and prepare for the next interview. Structured practice with the interview process can reduce anxiety, build skills and increase confidence for real world interviews.

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InterviewPREP Brochure (PDF)
For more information on InterviewPREP contact Nataliya Poto at or call 617-393-3824 Ext 19.

NEW!! Practice Interview

For Adults with Asperger Syndrome & Related Profiles Seeking Employment

WHAT is the Practice Interview program?
The Practice Interview program offers an opportunity to practice and improve your interviewing skills.

WHO will be interviewing me?
Our interviewers are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the interviewing and hiring processes.  

WHERE do we meet?
You can meet at the AANE office in Watertown, or at other locations in the Boston area.

WHEN can I start?
Now, or whenever you are ready.  Click here to apply!

Hands-on practice, valuable experience, and immediate feedback from your interviewer.
Choice of general or field specific interview, appropriate for any position.
Written feedback and a DVD (available for interviews in AANE's Watertown office) of the interview to take home and review at your convenience.

Practice Interview Brochure (PDF)

For more information on Practice Interview contact Nataliya Poto at or call 617-393-3824 Ext 19.

Support and Social Groups

AANE offers a number of support and social groups for adults with Asperger Syndrome.

Forms Clinic

Do you need help completing applications for housing, SSI or health insurance? AANE is offering this service to all adults with AS and related conditions by appointment.

To set up an appointment, please at AANE. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Names of the forms you wish to complete
  • Your coach's name, if applicable

Appointments will take place at AANE Tuesdays from 10-2pm.

Young adults and/or their families may also want to learn about Transition Age Services.